His and Her

His and her. His stories were, Always full of her memories, Which his eyes had collected, When she wasn’t looking. … Read More


Best friend asked me to, write something sad yet beautiful. I wrote, my last name; after her first. – SeekeRohan … Read More


And I ask, “What are you doing?” Whenever I want to say, “I’m missing you.” – SeekeRohan Read my poetry … Read More


“In a world full of artists, I’m lost in my own one. I’m a soul with no label, I’m an … Read More


CAGED She dreams of free blue skies, but sits and stares at one all alone. As a fear of falling … Read More


And I smile, thinking about, whenever you will hear my name from a stranger’s lips, guilt will fill up your … Read More

My Art

I am, like this crumpled paper. The words of the promise you once made, still stick to its surface, like … Read More

Mother’s Day

Her voice, all these years has always marked the start of my day, waking up an hour prior to me … Read More

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