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And I smile, thinking about, whenever you will hear my name from a stranger’s lips, guilt will fill up your … Read More

My Art

I am, like this crumpled paper. The words of the promise you once made, still stick to its surface, like … Read More

Mother’s Day

Her voice, all these years has always marked the start of my day, waking up an hour prior to me … Read More


“And she thought, nothing had changed and began to leave, but then turned around, and said, “Tell me, will you?”, … Read More

Poetry [ Dedication ]

  There is more to you, than what their eyes can see, what your smile always hides, and what your … Read More


Mess   I am in a constant battle with myself, and it’s tearing me a little, one night at a … Read More


  It happened unknowingly… I started to stay awake and glued to a certain voice, I started to listen to … Read More

You and I

  You and I   I am always questioning, if my love for you was truly real? I am always … Read More

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