The Other Side

The Other Side.

Rain rain go away.

If you have ever felt sad, low, depressed, worthless, or like a loser who does not deserve true love.

If you have ever failed and fallen into the darkness of an abyss, when it seemed to you that all the doors of happiness have closed forever and you thought that this is the end.

If it seems to you that the rain will never stop and dark clouds will never go away and you will never witness the warmth of the sun again.

If you often find yourself alone, staring at the ceiling of your room, seeking  answers of the same old set of daunting questions, answers which makes you more lonely than ever.

If you have lost an opportunity of lifetime or have lost someone precious in your life and you miss them so badly that you gasp for those moments when you had them.

If you feel that everything happening to your life is a direct result of how you don’t have sufficient money in your pockets, or how your parents never really care enough for you, or how you don’t have any good friends to help you out in time of need.


If you keep having a confession session with someone in your mind and you are torn out of explaining yourself to them.

Neither dusk nor dawn. Where am I ?

If a terrifying incident from your childhood or from adolescence still makes you shiver and send a chill down your spine.

If you have some really scary secrets or have done some shitty things in your life that you don’t want anyone ever to know about.

If you feel so scarred for life that you have chosen not to even think about it.

If you feel that you don’t even have the bare necessities to lead a basic life or if you have every materialistic thing of the world, but you still feel left out because you don’t have the power to own it or change it.


If you feel any of the things above then the gist of all such intuitions comes to this question…


What are you gonna do about it?

Why not me?

Are you gonna sit around or lie in your bed under the darkness of your covers to whimper how unfair god has been to you? Would you keep reliving your past in fear?

Would you choose to ignore all those voices that keep echoing in back of your head, telling you to take some action?

Do you prefer darkness? Ask again.

Are you planning to turn a blind eye and sleep throughout the day whenever you feel broken? How are you gonna handle when a nightmare wakes you up at 3am? Will you kill the devil in your head that keeps telling you that you are nothing or will you surrender and let it kill you? Will you cut those toxic relations which are draining all the life out of you?

In the end it boils down to this, aren’t you still done being sad and pathetic to yourself? Do you really want to be happy in life or not?


Because if so, let me tell you one thing that nobody told me when I needed it the most… It’s not gonna happen on its own. Your karma is not gonna turn around itself. You have to make the move. Pain and sadness won’t go away that easily because you have become use to it and now it is easy for you to be sad and to suffer, than to work your way through it to find happiness.

It doesn’t has to be like this.

Happiness takes effort but it is easy to be sad, isn’t? To be sad you just need to be stuck in past and ponder but to be happy, you have to get up on your feet and take control of the situation. You need to feel yourself that you have had enough of this shit; it’s now time to do something about it. It’s only YOU who is actually responsible for the quality of your life.

Need I say more?

If you are waiting on someone to come along and make everything alright, It ain’t gonna happen. Only you have the power, only you have the command. The difference between your success and your failure is the same difference between “I can” and “I will”.


Pain cannot be avoided in life, but whether to stick with it and suffer, or to learn from it and move on, is always up to us. It’s always our choice. We accept success and happiness so quickly but we never accept failure and sadness. We over-analyze it and choose to sulk in it, and it causes us the pain, the suffering.

Let life fill the emptiness inside you.

So if you truly wants to be happy, upbeat, motivated, worthy and an achiever. If you want to rise up from the ashes of your past and create a happy present then it will replace your dark past soon. You won’t be  afraid of your past then. The rain will wash away your pain and then, it will eventually stop. The dark clouds will go away, the sins will be forgotten. The sun will rise and you will shine.

You might be alone but will not feel lonely. You will not seek answers, you will have a solution. You will discover new opportunities, you will love those around you more preciously. You will refrain from criticism, you will indulge in acceptance. Your confession won’t be needed; neither by you, nor by them. You will trust and confide in you. You will be content, you will be at peace. Your scars will become your story, your identity, your source of inspiration. You won’t need superficial things to cover up your flaws, fears and your emptiness because you won’t be ashamed of them anymore. You will experience the true power and your life will find you. All this will happen, when you choose. When you choose it to happen, from within.

It is there and it is not locked, Its open.

It won’t happen overnight, It won’t be erased in a blink but try to recall, did pain happened overnight? Did you fell down in just one  blow? No, your strength was eroded gradually and you will gain it the same way you lost it. You will gain your lost strength gradually. Be committed to your happiness and it will come eventually.There is no key to happiness everybody talks about because what I have realized is; the door to the happiness isn’t locked. All I have to do is to get up from the floor and walk through it.



So I’m going to the other side and you tell me now, are you going to meet me there?



-Rohan Rathore


-Carl Gustav Jung.


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