Friendship Vs. Love

Everybody falls in love at some point of time in their life and there is nothing to be ashamed about it. Quite often people find love as a very mysterious phenomenon, but I think it’s quite simple. It only appears to be mystical because it showers so many emotions altogether on us that it becomes nearly impossible to think with a straight head.

U n' I

U n’ I

First thing first, love happens randomly. Yes, do not fall for those cheesy Bollywood movies in which a guy would make the girl fall in love with him by all means, you cannot force yourself or the other person to fall in or out of love. That kinda love does not last very long. Least of all you simply cannot fake love. Love is an emotion and if you try to fake it, it’s going to show somehow. The same thing applies about hiding your love. If you love someone, it shows. If the other person is still not comprehending it, then it’s hard to admit but most probably, that person doesn’t feel the same way you do.


A friend-ship never sinks

It’s often quoted that love is friendship set on fire or friendship is the first step towards love. What ever the case is, either your love will grow into a bond of friendship or your friendship has to flourish into love. Both love and friendship are required for a successful relationship. Many a times people secretly love someone but they never say so because they are not sure about what they feel for that person. Is this just friendship? Is it just a crush? Or is it more that that?

Now whether you are in love or not, is a daunting question and only you know the exact answer. The problem is you might not know how to reach that answer. At such point, you need to be true to yourself if you want to know the answer. For a moment, forget about what you need, what benefits and losses you will receive and ask yourself the following questions.

Be prepared, if you lie to yourself, you are going to regret it . Not only you will break your own heart later, but of other person as well.

1. Acknowledge Change

Has your life changed? Have you become more concerned about your looks, your clothes, your body and your behavior in the presence of your friend? Do you often find yourself sitting , staring at random things and smiling about what your friend said the last time you two chatted. Does your friend’s presence affects your behavior? Do you feel overjoyed when you are appreciated by your friend or overwhelmed by your friend’s ignorance? Do you try to overanalyze their behavior or try to find out about the meaning of their particular sayings about you?

2. Analyze Your Thoughts

How often do you think about him/her? Think about your other close friends. Our friends are people we spend our most of the time still you won’t think about them all the time. You still meet other people and spend time with them without thinking or missing your other friends every single hour, all day long, for a whole week or even months. If your friend is in your present mind, in your absent mind, in your sleeping mind and in your dreaming mind and even when you are busy doing some random work and if your friend comes into your thoughts then this is a clear sign your friend has entered into your heart and you are falling for your friend no matter how much you don’t want to.

3. Missing Someone?

I wish U were here…

How long can you go without being in touch? Do you feel anxious or miserable if you don’t talk to your friend? Even though you don’t know what to talk about, you still long to hear your friend’s voice or be with your friend? If you miss out even a day without talking to your friend, does that makes you uncomfortable? Do you wait for their goodnight and goodmorning messages to start and to end your day.

Friendship doesn’t really need daily conversation and distance never destroys friendship. Even if you does not see your friend for months, when you finally meet them ,you forget your past rants you continue to welcome them back and carry on with your friendship. Even your closest of all friends don’t call on a daily basis, do they? But that doesn’t bother you. So how come when a specific friend is not reachable for some time you find it very rude. Why you want a specific friend to be with you every day and every night? Something to ponder about right?

4. Jealousy

How dare you???!!!

Do you find it extremely annoying when some other girl/boy is trying to impress , is flirting or even is simply talking to your friend? Does it bother you even more when your friend seems to be taking an interest in them? If you are a part of a group then does their hanging around you and your friend spoils your mood? Do you enjoy alone time with your friend? If so, I got news for you, your jealousy is the first sign of love.

5. Selflessness

With U, for U,

How important is your friend to you? Is your friend so important to you that you would get in trouble just to make your friend smile, without even thinking about the consequences? Does your friend mean you the whole world? Does your friend’s happiness becomes your happiness and your friend’s sadness makes you even sadder?

Do you get worried about their problems and spend all night long being up, suggesting possible solutions to your friend and still not get tired at all? Do you give up your own happiness for your friend. Do you stand up for your friend even if no one else does? It’s not the amount of money, but do you give all what you have when they need it most? Have you been thinking about your friend and comparing your feelings for your friend while reading this article?

If so, then you my reader have fallen in love with your friend. There is a lot more to love that meets the eye or could be explained in words. Your voice will fail you when you try to confess. It is an emotional condition and you won’t be able to properly define it. You just feel it all around yourself.

So if you have discovered that you are in love with your friend then you are very lucky. It’s a rare kind of love. Most people refrain from it as they fear they will lose a valuable friend if it doesn’t work out, but if it does… then it’s the most amazing thing that could happen to you in your whole life.

I feel it is useless to kill this feeling once you have it, it’s always going to be there with you. The best thing is to do is confront your friend and hope for the best. In case your feelings are not reciprocated, try to understand you cannot force your friend into love as you can not force yourself to stop loving them. The best thing in that case would be to accept their choice and move on with your life.

Hey, you will find love again and when your feelings would be reciprocated, you will be thankful to god about it later.

All the love best,
-Rohan Rathore

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