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I always check my messages first in the morning,

if there is, any from U.

And if U even replied last night?

When I wished, good night to you.


I know, I will wish U anyway,

As I always do.

No matter how hard I try not to,

I’ll say good morning to U.


I’m mad at the sun,

That he wishes U just like everyone .

U know I’d send first light to U,

If I was the one.


I wish if U could see me,

When U give that lustrous smile.

I see it in your eyes too,

As U always shine in mine.


I wanna talk to U,

But don’t know what to say.

I know I talk silly,

But I love when U smile that way.


I wonder how‘d U react,

If I’d tell  U in such a style.

So I’d just sit back,

& just watch U smile.



I never thought I’ll tell U this way

Now I’m almost twenty-two,

But U know… I never mind,

‘coz I have  feelings for U.


I know everyone wants U,

& everyone loves U too.

But maybe I’m just too shy to say,

Why I keep thinking of U .


I wish I could tell U,

how I feel and even more.

But maybe I’m too afraid,

U would say…

we are just best friends & nothing more.


I wanna sit next to U,

When U are blue.

Hold you a little closer,

& wipe off your eye dew.


I know now U are broken,

& I’m chilled to the bone too.

But then U told me about him,

& my heart is about to stop too.


I know U liked him a lot,

Exactly how U feel when you say.

But I just wish,

U could only think of me that way.


I want U to smile again,

coz you’re the best of all,

I will see ever.

Please don’t cry over that stupid jerk,

One day he will realize,

what he lost forever.


I know its hard for U,

to erase all those memories ever.

But don’t U ever forget about me,

I’m here for U,

‘U’ n ‘I’ are,

Best Friends Forever!





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