The Unsent Poem in a Message

I’m the sun and you are its light. I’m the eye and you are its sight.   I’m the heart … Read More

Someday, Somewhere, U n’ I, Together.

“Someday, Somewhere.” Last night I met a girl with curly long black hair and shiny black eyes, who seemed lost … Read More

Believe in Love

Do not choose how to have, where to find, whom to love. But choose to seek , to nurture and … Read More

Love Vs. Hate : Choose your Life carefully.

I loved, it hurt me. So, I starting hating love and I hated it for so long that I forgot … Read More

Intuition: Speaking to Soul.

  “The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.” ~Rumi   Have … Read More

My Quotes#14 : The Light in Me

For every night I can’t sleep, For every night a dream I weave. A star is borne out of the … Read More