flawed-beauty-night- moon-sun-musing-seekerohan-rohanrathore.com-The Twenty Something-quoteIn the quite hours of the night, the bright and beautiful moon accompanies me while I lay still.

An unknown reason, an unseen vision, daunts my efforts and questions their validity.

I know the path, the route I must take to reach my goal. Yet, every step I take has its uncertainties, its flaws. And I know, more will sprout up soon, as my way of doing things is anything but perfect.

But these flaws holds something more than meets the eye. These flaws drive me nuts sometimes but they also flame my passion. These flaws fuel me, they keeps me on my toes. I discover them, I fix them. I create new ones, I rearrange and rewrite them. And I leave few for others to discover on their own.

So do you see, why can’t I stop? Why can’t I sleep? Why am I writing this??

This may seem senseless, but it’s not worthless. Flaws are simple, flaws are beautiful… Just like the shining moon which is bound to go down now and I shall wait for a new sun to rise, a new flaw to appear.

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