Intuition: Speaking to Soul.


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Intuition: Speaking to Soul.

“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.”



Have you ever wondered why you don’t like certain kind of people, even when they haven’t done anything wrong to offend you? Without even talking or knowing them properly, why you get this weird sense of negativeness from them?

Why you get attracted to a certain people without knowing them? Why sometimes you get a positive vibe of friendliness & love from a total stranger and you feel totally comfortable in their company? How we choose to be friends with some people and long to be with them when they are not around?

Isn’t it strange, how people could communicate such a strange sense to you without even speaking a single word?

This seemingly magical experience is something called the intuition and it’s very raw form of natural communication.

Intuition is that funny thing you feel in your stomach, in between what your mind thinks and what your heart feels. It’s a vibe that cannot be seen or heard, it can only be felt. It’s called the gut feeling, an inkling, an intuition and it’s never wrong. Yes, it’s never wrong but almost every time when it tries to speak to you, you tend to ignore it.

There is nothing wrong with you as you have been grown up in a world where you have always been told what you should and what you shouldn’t do. You had a long list of instruction given to you ever since people around you realized that you have started to talk and understand. We stopped learning about intuition so early in our life that never learned to trust it.

But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist in you anymore. Actually it reminds you of its existence time and again in life. But we are always very scared to trust it. It’s a part of you and your life. You create an energy field, an aura around you by the way you think, by the way your body moves, by the way your heart beats. It attracts those people who have a same kind of aura as you have and repels those who differ. Some people even call it a soul to soul talking.

It’s so primitive that it exits in all forms of life. All animals use it but us humans, who claims to be the most advanced species on earth and who have an immense potential to master it, use something very less advanced and superficial, a parallel, inefficient way of communication- words.


“Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.”



Words have limited power to carry what it is supposed to convey. That’s why we often feel out of words when we are overwhelmed. Words can be used to deceive, they can be used to lie. And it’s the root cause of all the problems we face.

The modern world has grown ignorant of this kind of communication. They thrive on empirical evidence and logic. But you can’t explain love with empirical evidence. You can’t carry out an experiment to show that one person truly loves another. You can’t derive an equation and prove something like love which is based on intuition-a soul speaking to another soul.

Your mind emits energy waves which affects your heart. Your heartbeat affects the functioning of your mind. Your heart has its own rhythm and in the presence of another heart which vibrates with the same rhythm as yours, you tend to feel comfortable and hence you grow. It could be a friend, lover or a parent. Both heart and brain are important part of our body and together they create your soul. But to do this, both of them need to be harmoniously in synchronization with each other.

You don’t have to become ascetic and leave t live in forests or caves to understand your intuition. You just need to be a little more mindful. Always give your full attention to what you are doing at a moment, even if you are brushing your teeth or just drinking a cup of coffee or reading a blog. Let it overwhelm your senses and enjoy every moment of it, and you will learn mindfulness. Gradually, you  will incorporate it into your daily life and you will learn to listen to your intuition.

Always listen to what your soul whispers. If you ignore it, it will grow louder and take you to the point of chaos. If you listen to it and learn to trust it then it’s your biggest tool for life.

“I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within”



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