Love Vs. Hate : Choose your Life carefully.

Love Vs. Hate

I loved, it hurt me.

So, I starting hating love and I hated it for so long that I forgot what it was too feel being loved.

And now I can tell you that love never caused me any damage, it only caused me growth, which was indeed painful.

But hate?

It caused me hollowness, it caused me emptiness. It’s addictive and it’s pure evil.

When you are in pain, you tend to hate everything. But hate can never cure your pain. It can only cause you more pain. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

The ugly truth is when you starts to love hating, it starts to wither your strength and takes control of your life. It will take you to the dark depths of depression without letting you know that you are suffering. You won’t realize when you are hating, what are you hating, why are you hating and you might even forget why you started hating in the first place.

Hate becomes your second nature at this point and you tell people that you are sour as you have suffered enough in life to survive. But in reality, you still suffer because of holding onto hate and you start to hate yourself due to the dissatisfaction it creates.

Hate is like a parasite living on your energy of mind and heart. And the longer you let it stay with you, it multiplies and spreads. It’s the true cancer of thoughts.

So instead of hate, find the root cause of your problem. If you can’t uproot it then leave it and move away. Start afresh. Don’t go back again and again to things that makes you miserable. Disconnect yourself from it and don’t let it grow on your energy. It only has power on you till the time you give it your energy to grow.

Save your energy to heal instead of suffering. Save yourself from hate, save yourself for love.


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