My dear fellow men : 12 unforgettable women in our life

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My dear fellow men,

I want to take you for a little ride back in time today. I want you to recall your life and reminisce about some of the experiences you have collected so far.

Let’s start with the day you were born.

That day you cried a lot while somebody else started to endure your share of pain, you came into this world. Somebody took care of you irrespective of her sleep, health or comfort. You were the apple of her eyes and meant the world to her- your doting mother.

You grew up a little and went to school, you learned about this world with the help of a person who taught you ABCD-elemno-P for the very first time. She taught you your first nursery rhyme ‘Baba black sheep.’ She taught you how to sharpen a pencil and write your own name. She spotted your talent when nobody knew that you could sing and gave you the self-confidence to overcome your shyness- your first teacher.

You grew up more, and then you met your very first friend. This person never let you feel alone. She taught you to share. Sometimes she annoyed you but always helped you in your studies, listened to your teacher complain about you in the school and saved you on her own guarantee- your caring sister.

Every summer you enjoyed your holidays at her house. She told you your favorite stories of ‘Bikram and Betaal.’ She made you home knit sweaters for next winter. She always gave you money when your parents refused. She loved you till her last breath. She told you that you were her favorite grandchild –your memorable grandmother.

You grew up more, and for the first time felt attraction towards opposite sex. You stood right next to her in morning assembly. You stole glimpses of her sitting behind her seat. You tried to be as close to her as possible in the class group photo. Her eyes mesmerized you; her smile made you smile, her fragrance pleased you, her voice resonated with your heartbeat. You felt butterflies in your stomach for the very first time. But you couldn’t tell anybody as you didn’t know what it was. So you teased her, pulled her braided hair, made her cry and till this very day feel sorry about it- your first crush.

You made new friends; you played, helped and competed with them. You went to school with them; you ate their lunch before the recess and visited their homes in the evening. There, she treated you like her own son. She gave you chocolates every time you visited and convinced your mother to let you have sleepover with your best friend and always asked you to come again and again- your favorite aunty.

You came to college; your eyes met her eyes across the classroom. You declared your love for her almost instantly. You talked to her all day and all night longs. You proposed her on the 14th of every month with mushy gifts and roses. Until one day she finally said yes. You spent your first Valentine ’s Day with her. You experienced your first awkward kiss. You both believed you were lucky and your love would last forever- your first girlfriend.

Time passed, people changed. Insecurities and complexities rose. You felt the pain of heartbreak. You felt loneliness and emptiness in your life. You turned cold. But she was there to support in you. She listened to your problems and offered her wisdom. She made sure nobody could hurt you next time. She saw the good in you when you had turned bitter. She made you believe that not all people are the same. She saved you from self-destruction – your girl best friend.

You became young and restless. You met her accidentally in the metro while both of you were reading the same book. You tried every means to talk to her with lamest of excuses. Everybody laughed but she smiled. She saw but adored your stupidity. You fell in love again and this time she ensured that it would last forever. She changed you, you changed her. Both of you built a common life. You learned responsibilities; she learned freedom and both of you flourished with time. You weren’t perfect but she perfected you and you did the same to her. You became a complete man because of her –your loving wife.

You matured, and then a little angel came into your life. You played with her cute little fingers and supple pink cheeks. You gave her piggyback horse rides across your home. You gave her the love of a father and become her idol man. She became your tiny little princess and you never let anybody hurt her- your precious daughter.

You grew old, you saw your son graduating and completing his dream. He got married and you welcomed her into the family. She saw a father figure in you. She took care of your health and your taste in food. She filled in the absence of your daughter. She gave you your first grandchild- your Daughter-in-Law.

You grew older; time took its toll on you. You aged, people departed and it made you weak. But she holds your hand in hope that you will never let her astray. She banks on you for all of your wisdom and lifetime of experience. She chirps and you listen, you speak and she learns. You are the strongest man she knows- your favorite granddaughter.


Maybe you haven’t experienced some of these in this way or you are still in a process of experiencing them. But that doesn’t mean that your experiences are any less special. The main point is that these women make a large faction of people we meet in your life.

These women, females and girls play a very crucial role in our life and you must give them the love and attention they deserve. Not just because they are related and are special to you, but because they are special to somebody you may meet in life. Because one day life will end my friend with only memories of you left in this world. People will only remember you for how much you loved them and made them feel. So love them, they will be love you more.

Happy Women’s Day!



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