Someday, Somewhere, U n’ I, Together.

someday somewhere u n i together- seekerohan- The Twenty Something- love quote- story- soulmate

Someday, Somewhere,
U n’ I,

“Someday, Somewhere.”

Last night I met a girl with curly long black hair and shiny black eyes, who seemed lost sitting at the window seat of the bus and gazing out into the unknown.

Amid the strange crowded faces, she looked familiar. Sitting right across me- unaffected by the chaos around.

I began to wonder who she was. Did I know her? Did she know me? No, it’s not possible that I could forget someone like her.

I gazed at her and wondered if she knew I was there. How would she react if she noticed me?

I wondered what she was thinking, what was bothering her? I wondered what her life was like.

“Depressed is she? Lonely? Probably feeling alone today.”

“Is she in love with someone? No no, her eyes doesn’t match her smile, must be going through a heartbreak I guess. ”

“May be she is bitter, alone and doesn’t believe in love anymore. All guys are jerks right now in her eyes. May be she’s just taking her time to find the reasons of all the hurt she has faced.”

“What’s that shiny silver thing around her neck? Oh, a locket! She held it in her hands and gently swept it to add shine.”

“It must be something special. Perhaps, a loved one gave it to her. Father or Mother? An ex? No, may be a close friend.”

“A book on her lap, hmm… maybe she likes to read. Is it a mushy novel? No no, it’s something… A light.. in you – A light in You!”

“Hmm… A girl who likes the depth of thoughts. Does she like reading like me? Does she write too? Does she love it like me?”

“Wow, that would be wonderful. ”

“What??? Wait, what the hell I am thinking!”

The very next second she looked at my way to confirm some landmark on my side of the bus and then got lost in her own world soon after.

“Nothing! She didn’t even see me. May be she knows everyone’s trying to decode her mystery. Maybe that’s why she shies away from others and lives in her own world. A world where she is free to explore the unknown but is waiting for right kind of person to share it with. And she is waiting to fly with that person to the place where she belongs.”

She looked at me again, this time our eyes met for a second and we communicated in a flash of silence. Time become still and I lost myself in her as I read her story. She had fallen from the heaven to hell time and again; each time she had dying a little more and now doesn’t feel needed to be here anymore. She didn’t know how many colors love has for love had sapped her of her sight. She didn’t know what true friendship meant, for she had only known betrayal. She was lost in this strange world without a map of love to start again. So she had made a new world of her own, where all her hopes hung on the shiny little stars of the fortune. A pleasant dream she had built where she now actually lives.

Last night, I met a girl with curly long black hair and shiny black eyes, who had made her world while looking out of the window and a place for herself in me.

And I didn’t know exactly, what were the reasons of the dew in her eyes and melancholy in her smile.

I wanted to see happiness in her eyes for a while, see her laugh and giggle… Help her find the light in her. Only I couldn’t.

For she was a vast ocean of mystery in herself and I was just a boy visiting her silent shore. Who liked her waves touching my feet as I drew her face on the sand. Who didn’t know how to swim, how to tame a hurricane, terrified of her depth hiding her pearls.

So I watched her from a distance for I was afraid of my own depths and darkness. I was afraid I might disappoint her. And I know she read me too in that tiny moment we shared. She realized that I wasn’t the one whom she could give that locket and so I stood there as she walked away from me.

Leaving me with a hope for life, that someday, somewhere, I will meet her again and then I too will have a locket of my own to give her, a world of my own to share with her.



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