Soulmate: Love is not just about Attraction

Love at first sight seems highly overrated sometimes. Yes, you can get attracted to somebody at first sight, and yearn to be around them for every breathing minute. But it’s not love, not yet.

Falling in love takes something much more.

Soulmate: Love is not just about Attraction

Soulmate: Love is not just about Attraction

It takes an impressive personality and not just a show-off attitude.  An articulate mind which communicates and not just a mouth which speaks hollow words. An exchange of your thoughts and opinions. A certain flair of kindness in your behavior and utmost care for each other. The spark in your eyes and skipping of a beat in your heart. The moments you  share and the memories you create with each other.

Any one can fall in love with your body, but it takes a special person to fall in love with your soul– a Soulmate.

Love like this in it’s purest form attracts purest of people and that’s why it’s the best way to fall in love as you fall in love not through what you see through eyes, which could be deceptive but through what your feel in your soul–a bonding with your soul, which could never be wrong.

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