Redemption: Let You be a Hero.

Redemption-be a hero- don't settle- twenty something- musing.

Imagine if your car only shifts up to the second gear,

If your TV only shows the pictures but no sound,

If your phone battery lasts only 50% of the time it was supposed to last,

If only one of your iPod’s earphone works properly while you bored waiting for the train,

If somebody has torn off the pages from random chapters of a novel you have issued from the library to read.


How would you feel?


Would you feel satisfied and say something like:


“Let’s just get along with this life and “adjust” or “compromise”?

“It isn’t in my fate!”

“It has happened to me because 365 days ago I saw a black cat and she crossed my path while I was going to my loo!”



Would you feel content and satisfied?


Of course you wouldn’t! Instead, you would take the responsibility and change what isn’t working out for you. You would identify and fix whatever is causing you any sort of trouble.


So ask yourself, why you let your those toxic people and spurious thoughts live in your mind and spoil your heart?

You know deep down what you actually deserve and damn it, despite of whatever other people try to make you believe, you have every right to get what you truly deserve!


You just need to decide that you wouldn’t just take whatever crap is given to you.


Too many people get their heart broken and then try to settle for much less than what they actually deserve for the fear of ending up alone. But they could never silence the faint voice of their dream which still grows in them and pushes them to the point of chaos. It makes them bitter and so they suffer along with the people around them.



Don’t settle for less than what you truly deserve due to the fear of ending up alone, being with the wrong person will make you much lonelier for your whole life. Don’t lose hope, not until you have found your true power. Fall in love, enjoy, cherish, struggle, cry, sleep, wake up, fall out of love, and start afresh. Work hard, take chances, fail, learn and keep trying, achieve, teach!


Look at the night sky and realize- your life is already a miracle and its possibilities are endless. You are the offspring of stars, children of light. You are a universe in yourself, explore it and create your own world.

There is already a hero living in you, find it, give it a chance, and let it save you.



P.S. Black cats are adorable. 🙂



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