Self Talk: Being whole and Being enough

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“Self- talk”

There is a voice which keep talking inside us. It’s our own voice and it tells us what should we do, what we shouldn’t. But most of us never truly understand how it affects us unconsciously. When you are sleeping what ever you have been thinking through out the day is re-processed by your brain. It then build your beliefs and your confidence.

If you keep thinking negative about yourself then it will surely reflect in your self talk and it will deteriorate your self-confidence. And ultimately it will reflect in your behavior. So it’s really important how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself when nobody is watching.

The way you treat yourself tell others how you want to be treated. If you don’t love your own body, your own thoughts; people will sense it from miles away and they will treat you exactly how you treat yourself.

Explore yourself for what you are, what do you like and accept yourself with it. Don’t do things which doesn’t incite a sense of satisfaction in you. Stop compromising and you will discover a feeling of gratification. Don’t accept what you don’t deserve, respect what you have earned. Learn to be your own best friend rather than your own criticizing enemy.

If you keep telling yourself silently that your are not worthy enough, intelligent enough, fair enough, tall enough, muscular enough or beautiful enough, you won’t succeed in life unless you find a strong person to hold your hand… then it will make a permanent place in your head and you will only seek people who will keep telling you these same things. And then they will rule over you.

People say these things to you to break your will power as they know these things can’t stop you from achieving something but if only they could break your confidence, then you’re bound to fail.

So always surround yourself with people who encourage you rather than people who fill your mind with toxic words. When you are talking to yourself, observe your thoughts. Ask yourself is this the way you will treat a dear friend the way you treat yourself when you are alone?

For every negative thought which sprouts in your head, find and write down a good thing about you. Whenever the demon of negative thoughts wakes up in you, tame him with the things you love about yourself.

If he tells you that you’re not slim enough, tell yourself that you’re not malnourished but healthy.
If he tells you that you’re not burly enough, tell yourself that you’re agile.
If he tells you that you have failed, tell him you’ve just found another method to not succeed.

The power of positive thinking is immense. It takes some practice but eventually you will learn it. Kill the demon of negative thoughts with your self-love.

The only relationship which can help you feel good about you is the one you have with yourself.Be the love you seek in others and you will find that you already have what it takes to be whole and happy.

Remember, you are already enough, you always were.


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