“Things She never say.”

 "Things She never say."

“Things She never say.”

Sometimes it scares me, the way you love me. Without any conditions, without any boundaries.

It scares me because; I know I’m not that a lovable person. And I know, it’s really hard to be with me in all those mood swings. But mostly I’m scared, that one day you will learn all my secrets and know me inside out. You won’t like the way I look in the morning, or sometimes when I’m tired and don’t want to talk. I fear that then you will think that you have wasted your time on me. I fear that then you might think, you don’t love me anymore. And that’s the only reason I fear to let you come closer to me.

I’m still imperfect, I’m still not in love with myself and I still don’t know how to be in love with anybody else. But I’m still hopeful, that I’ll learn it someday. And I believe I’ll need you to be around. So I guess what I just want to say is,
please just stay.


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  1. i wonder how u write such enormous…soulful….full of life or simply marvelous posts……i love them…i dont knw hw to express d feeling bt m so much touched….n love only love…:-) lots of love….god bless u so so much..:-) .heartly good wishes for u:-)

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