10 Tips for College freshmen.

10 Tips for College freshmen

*10 Tips for College freshmen.*

I share with you what I learned throughout my college today, in a hope that it will help someone out there.

1. Don’t fret about not getting into an elite or a premium college. No matter how good or bad your college is, you will always hate some things about it and miss it when it’s over. Try to excel in your stream/subject. College brand can only get you a campus placement interview, but your skills will help you crack it.

2. Make contacts with many people, but choose your close friends wisely and keep the ones who you find trustworthy. It’s tempting to be popular and have a large friend circle, but it’s that small group of close friends in your college which will last for life. Most people will disappoint you, get over to it. Borrow money from friends even if you don’t have to; learn who will lend you money even if they don’t have much. Always pay your debts, after letting them nag you for some time. Never lend your pen to anybody, it won’t come back. Always plan prior to attendance, who is going to mark the proxy of your absent friend.

3. Marks are important, but they are not everything. If you are a topper of your school, there is no shame if you still want to remain one. But keep in mind, college is a great place to hone your social skills and learn team work. Doesn’t matter if you’re an average student at academics, but if you could develop a good personality and learn how to present yourself; not only you will get your dream job after college, you’ll excel in it.

4. Don’t go searching for “love” in a rush. That’s the ultimate wastage of your time. Instead invest your time in knowing and learning people’s behavior. If you feel lonely in your life, chances are you will end up being desperate for having someone in your life and that is never good; make friends to overcome your loneliness, instead of seeking love. Do things which make you come alive!

5. Having a hot bf/gf will always be considered a status symbol in college life, but 90% of such relationships will end up in a break up before you graduate, and that’s a fact. It can mess up with your mind because people are so obsessed with the idea that true love can only happen once; they will refuse to let go of memories as they don’t want to be seen as people whose love was false. Love is never false or true, but you should listen to what your heart says. If it says that you are suffering in a relationship and it is giving you more sadness than happiness, you should end it. Look out for people who bring the best out of you, and stick to them. You will stumble upon love soon.

6. Keep good relations with at least handful of seniors, they will help you when you get stuck in the system. They have experience than you beating the system. They know how to survive, learn from them. Ask them which subjects are important and which books to refer.

7. Don’t be snob, be a sport. A little bit of introduction and dare is fun. It let seniors know which person is daring and which person is reserve type. When a senior asks you to propose somebody, never ever ever ever leave that chance. 😉 It will give you good practice, and who knows you might even get lucky. 8| If you don’t feel comfortable, just say no. Most of the seniors won’t put you through misery. But if they do, seek help from parents and authorities.

8. Don’t get stuck in the routine of going to college and back home. Explore your city with your friends, it will teach you how to travel and handle random strangers. You will make some funny memories out of it.

9. Mass-bunking is a myth. Don’t depend on preparatory leaves for exam preparation. No matter how much they deny, everybody studies prior to their preparatory leaves for exams. Take tuitions if you need. Best study happens on the night just before exam, but you should have pretty good idea what to study and what to ignore. Buys books on your own, don’t depend on book banks. Don’t sell your books away after exams; you might need them again for preparation of your interviews. Don’t steal books from library, find a spot to hide them in between other books; issue them later.

10. Make good relations with the canteen guy and photocopy guy. If possible, make friends with your local guards and staff. They can get you through many troublesome times. Participate in fests of other colleges, coordinate an event or manage one in your own college, but be involved.

College life isn’t like that shown in Karan Johor movies where everybody just goes to college to sing and dance in canteen, fall in love and live happily ever after. You will be tried and tested in every other field; you will have to give you 100% to survive. Keep your expectations low, let life surprise you. Enjoy! 🙂



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