People often ask me if love can happen again.

I tell them, of course it can! In fact, it will. It’s imminent, and a person who is genuinely good at heart can’t avoid falling in love again. People who deserve love, are in fact are always optimistic about falling in love.

Most people don’t agree with me mostly after hearing this, as they have been fed the same old story that “true love can only happen once” and I don’t want to challenge their notion, but here is a fact:

90% of the first time relationships fail. Do you know why?

Because people are quite naive and inexperienced when love happens for the first time, it’s not their fault and it has nothing to do with their age. First heartbreak, whether it happens at 18 or at 28—feels the same, hurts the same, haunts like the same.

The main thing is— what do you choose to do when your heart gets broken.

Do you choose to accept it with time or fight back with facts and secretly remain in love with your first love for whole life?

Love is love; there is no true love or false love. But do ask yourself, which one is stronger love?

Is it the first love, when you were unaware of what exactly love really was? The one which left you broken and hurt? The one due to which, you begin to think that you will now never believe in love ever again?

Or the love which made you forgets about all the pain and restored your faith again?

If you ask me, the love which happens after you have struggled is stronger, as it has to prove itself against the pain left by first love. It is always compared with its predecessor and it takes more effort, it takes more care, and thus it is much stronger.

So the answer to the question, “whether love can happen again or not?” is—

It depends on you, whether you’re ready at this point of time to let it happen,
or not?


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