Fake Plastic Love

fake #TTS_FridayFanFiction

“Hot she is!” he remarked, as he passed her by on the street. But alas! She is a woman, not a temperature. She is beautiful, not hot.
Beautiful, not like those girls in the magazines which has brainwashed him but beautiful, for the sparkle she had in her eyes, the doorway to her heart. She is beautiful, for her ability to make others smile, while she’s crying inside. She’s beautiful, for the way she cares about those she love as she over-thinks about what just happened yesterday. She is beautiful, not like those poster girls, but for the posteresque -yet-real smile she has on her face even when her mind is full of worries.

She is beautiful, not for her perfectly styled hair, but for the shelter and warmth they provide when it rains. She is beautiful, not because of the kohl in her eyes which may smudge in no time, but for the ocean that resides in her eyes. She is beautiful, not because of the perfect shade of the lipstick she uses, but for the sweet whispers those lips utter amid the noise. She is beautiful not because of her looks; but for her beauty deep down her soul.

Don’t play around and be hard with her if you don’t understand her soft and gentle heart.

“Sexy!” she thought of him as they crossed their paths. But what she didn’t realize was that he is a lot more than just what appears on the outside. He is not sexy, he is handsome. For he always extend his helping hand to someone in need. He is smart and witty, not because of the tie he wears, but because of the ethics and ideals he ties and knots with himself no matter how hard the path is. He is cool, not because of the copied joke he just paraphrased in front of you, but for his ability to keep his cool even when sun beats on his face.

He is strong, not because of the muscles he has, but because of the strength he shows when he as to keep his shoulders up during hardships to support his loved ones. He is stylish, not because of the slick pant he wears, but because of the grace he wears and carries around with himself. He is suitable, not because of the suit he wears which suits him but because of the genuine smile which suits his face. He isn’t swag; he is a gentleman with a class.

Don’t play around with him until you understand the things he values deep down his heart.

Rather than trade, China has more profound effects on our lives. Our definition of love is becoming more “plasticky” day by day just like the use and throw Chinese plasticky things we use. A love, made in china! How ironic that it’s just the converse of how it should be like. A world where people are used and things are loved.

People seem to like playing around with the purest emotion in this world, but this game leaves an empty space in our heart. Whenever our eyes look for someone to lend this empty space, our mind tells us that if someone gets in and stays, it’s all good. But warns us if they decide to leave, it’s the landlord who suffers in the end.

Perhaps it’s a gift to have a beautiful mind, but a greater gift is to find a beautiful heart. For everything, every external beauty fades away with time but the charm of a golden heart never wears out. And while I was writing this, I found a new perspective. Now I feel lucky for my average wheatish looks, for my lover would love me eternally for who I am, not temporarily for how I look like.

-Yash Gurbani

— with Yash Gurbani.

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