Often ignored and harsh to herself,
she still has compassion in her heart.
She often let herself burn,
and light the path for others in dark.

She holds her secrets too tightly,
but her feelings
often overflow out of the scars.

And even though,
she has always been beautiful;
in her crescent form Maheen is exquisite,
and will always outshine the million stars.

This poem is dedicated to my reader Maheen Pasha.

“Maheen” is a feminine name that is said to come from an Arabic word referring to the ‘Moon’. It is not a very common name even amongst Arabic speaking people however; it is probably most widely used by Muslim parents.

You too can get one specially dedicated to you, only by posting a request on the wall of the page. I’ll try to post them as soon as possible.

One poem daily for one unique name!
But I can always make some special exceptions. 😉

~ Seekerohan


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