Subtle as drizzling rain,
you have kindness in your lovely eyes.
But when laid hands on your loved ones,
you become thunder from the skies.

Vivid is your imagination,
for many, you are way out of the league.
But you’re never ashamed to be yourself,
you’re always ready to do your own thing.

Nature is your first love,
and adventure is your best friend.
You always welcome people with open heart,
and make it easy for them to blend.

Sometimes dissatisfied from this world,
you try to inspire everyone you meet.
And though you may often feel alone,
remember Neha, you live in a thousand heartbeats.

This poem is dedicated to my reader Neha Khandelwal.

Neha is a common Bengali, Indian and Nepali female name originating from the Sanskrit language. Neha means love in Sanskrit, originating from the root word, Sneha; but usually translated to mean thunderstorm/rain.

You too can get one specially dedicated to you, only by posting a request on the wall of the page. I’ll try to post them as soon as possible.

One poem daily for one unique name!

~ Seekerohan

— with Neha Khandelwal.

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