“Because I need you to feel it, before you believe it.” – Rohan ————————————————————————————— This is one of the many … Read More


ACHE     I know you’re hurt, and that’s why you’re trying to push me away.   But my dear, … Read More

Lacked- A page from diary

Years after he had left her, one day, she saw him gazing at her from few steps away.   And … Read More


STRUGGLE   Sometimes I struggle to decide, which one’s more painful? That you did something, which ended up hurting me? … Read More


“Golden joinery” or “to patch with gold” is an ancient form of Japnese art, named Kintsugi. This technique transforms broken … Read More

Smile- A Haiku

  Smile. “Only when she’s lost in dreams; her mind finds the reality, and her eyes agree with her smile.” … Read More