Everynight, I do.

Everynight, I do.

“A little bit more, yes, that’s it…”

Minute by minute, I drowned the time in the depths of my addiction. My weary mind became intoxicated , as I floated on the surface of my tipsy world, and held my hand outstretched in high spirits, trying to touch the moonlit sky.

Aching, and half hoping, that somebody would grab it and help me see the reality, so I’d feel a little less lonely; and yet, planning secretly, how to pull this very person in my world as well.

I kept watching longingly at horizon, but nobody seemed to appear, and I slowly began to melt in between this vast ocean of reverie and sleep.

I lay motionless. Thoughts ran wild and dreams started to break-free. And somehow I convinced myself–

“I’ll take it slowly from next time, and drink the whole written story-
One chapter at a time.”

– Seekerohan


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