Am I thinking too much?

Am I thinking too much?

You’re long gone,
and I’ve obviously moved on.

But sometimes,
when I think about our past lives,

I wonder…

If, we will ever meet again?
If, you will remember my name?
If, then I’ll be finally able to tell you?
If, then I’ll be stronger than you knew?

If, your pink lips would greet me,
the same way my brown eyes used to?
If, your mind be scared of my memory,
and deny what my heart’s been through.

Sometimes I wonder…

If, it would be worth my pain,
to tell you a part of me still misses you.
If, I’ll be able to handle your blank stare,
to tell me that perhaps you always knew.
But you’re long gone,
and I’ve obviously moved on…

Yet I wonder…

you haven’t?

– SeekeRohan

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