And I wonder, how she does it all?

“And I wonder, how she does it all?”  -Rohan



Storm in the mind,
rain in the eyes;
but she still smiles,
but she still smiles.

Chaos in the heart,
silence on the lips;
and she’s still nice,
and she’s still nice.

Stitches on the skin,
scars in the soul;
but she still tries,
but she still tries.

Sadness in the night,
shadows in the sight;
yet she still shines,
yet she still shines.


* This is hand typed on coffee stained, A2 size old paper, with Brother Deluxe 220 vintage typewriter. The drawing is hand sketched with 2B and H pencils.

*Available for purchase in India for readers and collectors.

*Choose your credit/debit card or pay via PayPal. Payment to be made in US Dollars, and an equivalent amount in Indian Rupees will be paid from your bank account without any conversion charges.

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