Poetry [ Dedication ]

There is more to you...

There is more to you…


There is more to you,
than what their eyes can see,
what your smile always hides,
and what your words reveal.

There is more to you,
than what they can believe,
what makes your pen bleed,
and what makes your heart beat.

There is more you have to give,
than what you shall ever receive,
what empties your worries,
and keep you full of memories.

There is nothing to hide,
still you’re only a mystery.
For only those who seeks,
deserve to find you in poetry.

– SeekeRohan


#Dedication for my reader Ghazal Ashfaq Khan. 🙂

Ghazal is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means love poem, or any poetry expressing strong emotion. It also means anything said in a sweet and melodious voice, affecting the person who hears it.


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