“And she thought, nothing had changed and began to leave, but then turned around, and said, “Tell me, will you?”, looking into my eyes as if something inside her was longing to be heard, but was afraid to be seen; as we both stood there in front of each other again; alone under a night full of stars, looking at everything we’d ever wanted, but wondering if we ever deserved it, “After all these years, what do you say to a person, from whom your heart had longed to hear words of comfort, but received only cold silence? For whom your ‘I love you’ meant nothing at all?”

I struggled with my frozen eyes, trying not to let her see what her gaze had melted, but somehow words came to my tongue like an old melody of a forgotten song and I finally said, “Nothing…”And she almost cried herself to the ground, but I held her in my arms as the music took over my senses, “You say nothing, except, what’s the truth. You say nothing, except what has brought both of us back here again, on this winter night.”

Her eyes searched mine for any sign of warmth, while I began to let the age old wall of glacier break and flow, and said, “You say to such a person, still, after all these years, ‘I remember you’, and everything you used to say, and do. You say to such a person- what you have always known in your heart. And for every time the cold silence had hurt you in past, you say what you always wanted to; you say, ‘I love you’… too. ”


– SeekeRohan

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