"my open eyes hold storms, you can't see with your closed heart."

“my open eyes hold storms, you can’t see with your closed heart.”

I do not crave attention; rather, I want to remain invisible, be anonymous. And that’s because, it’s so easy to get lost in attention, and forget what you truly want to do. Solitude is a beautiful gift, and my silence is very precious to me. Only those who could stay silent with me, truly deserves to know the real me.

Too much of words and voices, is chaos for me. I wish people could just stop asking me to “try” to talk more when I love being silent, when I love being in my world of thoughts, because even though their talks bother me a lot, I have never asked anybody to talk less. Then why can’t they do the same?

It takes great strength to weave your own world, it takes immense care to nourish it, and it takes long time to let it become a place where you find refuge from reality.  But yes, I admit, it would be wonderful if somebody could see what it means to me, and show me something similar they have created. But my open eyes hold storms, you can’t see with your closed heart, and if the only thing visible to you is that I’m “silent”, then maybe it’s for the best for both of us.

– SeekeRohan

My Poetry book Spilled Ink of Love
My novel  Caged : The Price of Pride

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