” I fell from the tree, and they termed it my end. Not knowing in Earth’s lap, every thing only begins.” – SeekeRohan

There was once a barren wasteland with a big void at its heart. Nothing grew in there, nobody lived or came there even by mistake. And with every passing day, it only grew sad and lonely and wished… if only, somebody would be kind enough to spend some time there.

And as if the universe was listening intently, one fine day somebody visited it. The wasteland became so happy that it welcomed its first visitor with arms wide open. But to its dismay, the visitor only had come to dump trash into its great void. The wasteland became sad, yet it thought, at least now, it wasn’t so alone. Somebody was better than nobody, right?

So the wasteland didn’t mind whenever the same visitor came and dumped its trash into it. Slowly, that visitor spread the beans and more people began to come to the wasteland, not to visit it, but just to dump their garbage into the heart of barren wasteland.

The wasteland grew even sadder, his heart started to become heavy and soon enough, it was brimming with all sorts of garbage. The then that day came, when the land could not take it anymore and the stinky garbage began to overflow out of it. The regular visitors were quick enough to realize, that the land could not take their trash anymore, and they left without any second thought.

This broke the lonely land’s heart further, and thus it began to crumble under its own weight. It became messy, and stunk badly for years. And then, the wasteland eventually accepted its condition as its only possible fate.

But the story was far from over, and after many dark nights of rain, one day, amid all its stinky garbage, it saw something which made it come alive. At first, it was confusing, but then gradually, everything became clear as the sun shone high in sky. Behold- a green plant had sprouted in the heart of the land.

And soon enough, in matter of few months, every inch of the one barren land became covered with greenery. Over the next few years, the land witnessed all kinds of plants and trees flourishing in it and life blooming in the very spot. No wonder, soon enough the wasteland saw many new people fighting each other to own a small piece of land.

And this is how, it realized that all the trash that was thrown at it initially, had only made it grow richer in nutrients, filling the empty void in its heart with fertility. So even though he suffered in the beginning, in the end it proved to be its greatest achievement. And thus, it learned to see life only as an experience to know itself, rather than a punishment for being not good enough.

– SeekeRohan

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  1. Barren is a wonderful piece of writing. Very inspirational. Well done.. Looking forward to read more 🙂

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