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“Who are you?”
“Not what you see, but what you feel; I am, what you can be.”

“What are you?”
“Intuition, emotion, and open to interpretation.”

“But why a mask?”
“Sometimes, a mask reveals, what a face hides.”

“You think yourself, as some sort of superhero?”
“Yes; the superhero I always needed, but never got.”

“And your superpower is… ?”

– SeekeRohan



SeekeRohan is my pen name, which is conjunction of Rohan and Seeker.

I am a twenty something guy, highly introvert, admirer of art with a passionate heart.

I am a seeker. I’m a forever learner. I absorb knowledge and I try to share it with those who feel somewhat like me. I’m a rebel but I’m also a free roamer. I don’t fit in labels. I am not perfect, but I’m passionate about practice.

I have a world of my own in my thoughts. A place which sometimes feels highly chaotic in the quietest building, and sometimes, it is the most peaceful place while strolling a busiest street. This is a world where I find refuge, an escape from all the madness of this life. This is a world where I long to go. A world where I truly belong.  And I try to translate what I experience in my world into my words. That’s how I started writing.

There are so many things that intrigue me, so much that affect me. I love simple things. But sometimes the simplest things baffle me; sometimes I’m baffled when people don’t understand something which seems too simple to me. I want to bridge this gap. I am everything and nothing at the same time. Sometimes it makes me wonder how it is even possible. But that’s what I have to find out myself and that’s what my life is all about. So, this is who I am and this is who I will be.

Visit  my website www.RohanRathore.com
Or simply stalk me on your favorite social networking sites, by the name SeekeRohan.

Email : seekerohan@gmail.com

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