Colored : Fair is not Only Lovely

“Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah … “an old Hindu chant resonated in the atmosphere. I was sitting in my room, minding … Read More

Innocent : A Short Story

  She was five and fragile when it happened for the first time. He came to her house with gifts … Read More

Ek Zamaane Me

Ek Zamaane Me

  Bade sambhaal kar rakhe hai maine.. Pal us guzare zamaane ke… Kaagaz ki ek, Dhundhali si tasveer.. Panno me … Read More

U n’ I – The Poem

U n' I_ Poem- rohanrathore.com_ The Twenty Something blog

I always check my messages first in the morning, if there is, any from U. And if U even replied … Read More

Cry – [A Short Story]

“You could sit on your desk, take a piece of paper, and write down the plan of your life for … Read More