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1. Spilled Ink of Love

seekerohan-spilled-ink-of-love-rohanrathore-com-book-poetry“When love bleeds, words come alive. And the pen writes down the feelings we never could say with our mouth.”

This is the debut poetry book by SeekeRohan about love, unsent letters, musings, quotes and poems.

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2. CAGED: The Price of Pride

caged-seekerohan-the-price-of-pride-cover-rohanrathore-com“In between her silence and her screams, resides a memory; too painful to use, too precious to lose.”

This is the debut novel by SeekeRohan  about lives of two lost souls and their struggle about finding love, friendship and peace.

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3. U n’ I : Crushes And Crashes

[ Coming Soon ]

U n' I_ Poem- rohanrathore.com_ The Twenty Something blog

A dreamy teenager falls for his best friend.
Is friendship strong enough to struggle and survive love?

” Falling in love with your best friend is easy but vowing to be “just best friends” and living daily with this sulking truth isn’t. “

U n’ I was initially just a poem but later it developed as a twisted love story of two best friends; A young teenager Rohan and his best friend Riya. It shows how their friendship struggles and survives when Rohan discovers his feelings for Riya but soon realizes that his feelings are just one sided resulting in the dilemma of lifetime. The U n’ I series is a story scattered through their 4 years of college life and is a trilogy.

The first book is  U n’ I: Crushes And Crashes, whose first 3 chapters are available online here.






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