Spilled Ink of Love

“When love bleeds, words come alive. And the pen writes down the feelings, we never could say with our mouth.”


Spilled Ink of Love is a collection of fond memories and bittersweet feelings of love & friendship. The  black words of a musical soul poured straight from the poetic mind, onto the surface of pure white paper; to bare many colorful poems, quotes,  and to bleed and beat in your heart till eternity.

Savour all flavors of love spilled in these pages, let these words make a place for themselves in your heart and live there, forever.


  • Intoxication pieces.
  • Best of poetic pieces and unposted poems.
  • New, unpublished and unsent Letters.
  • New musings and life lessons.
  • 310 back to back pages of poetic passion

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