And she smiled, once again for the people who adored her bright skin, her lovely face, her great fame. Clicks … Read More

Untitled Poem

Every night I try to write a poem so old… The words of which, somebody has stolen from me. And … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby “And every night when I send you a Good Night message… I secretly hope that it would convey what … Read More


#TTS_Musing“Communication” Misunderstandings arise when somebody tries to hide something from you or avoid having a conversation with you. People who … Read More


#TTS_Reflection “Obsession” Many strange faces prop up on full pages of all leading dailies; the same colored photograph of the … Read More

Catch Me

I turn away, as soon as, you look toward my side. And secretly hope, someday, you’ll catch me. Seekerohan