Ek Zamaane Me

Ek Zamaane Me

  Bade sambhaal kar rakhe hai maine.. Pal us guzare zamaane ke… Kaagaz ki ek, Dhundhali si tasveer.. Panno me … Read More

U n’ I – The Poem

U n' I_ Poem- rohanrathore.com_ The Twenty Something blog

I always check my messages first in the morning, if there is, any from U. And if U even replied … Read More

Cry – [A Short Story]


“You could sit on your desk, take a piece of paper, and write down the plan of your life for … Read More

My Quotes# 10 Nothing is Implausible

Nothing is Implausible image source: www.facebook.com/pages/Phillip-Schumacher-Photography

Friendship Vs. Love

U n' I

Everybody falls in love at some point of time in their life and there is nothing to be ashamed about … Read More

The Other Side


The Other Side. If you have ever felt sad, low, depressed, worthless, or like a loser who does not deserve … Read More