#TTS_FridayFanFiction She gazed at the lonely sky, and wondered where all the stars have gone? Little did she know, they … Read More

Sugar & Salt

#TTS_FridayFanFiction They were twins; Both dressed in white. She was sweet; He was not. She gave them a rush; He … Read More


  #TTS_FanFiction “I hate colors!” he had once said annoyingly. Six months into their arranged marriage, they were yet to … Read More


  #TTS_FanFiction She sat by him as she had promised she wouldn’t leave. She sat as he cried. She kept … Read More

There lies a million more

#TTS_FridayFanFiction There are yet to walk, Another thousands of miles, Yet to fight with, the words of your inner voice. … Read More


#TTS_FridayFanFiction “How can someone not love the rain?” She wondered, sitting in her cozy bed, with a cup of hot … Read More