Miss me yet?

And I smile, thinking about, whenever you will hear my name from a stranger’s lips, guilt will fill up your … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby “Ek lehar si zeham me, Ek chhuhan si badan me, Palko se chhalak aayi woh kuch yunhi, Ki khwaab … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby “There are things, I want you to know. But they are my feelings, I don’t know how to show.” … Read More


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Vulnerable- Learning to be Resilent.

When times turn dark and life makes your body numb, your soul struggles to evolve. People turn cold and they … Read More

Friendship Vs. Love

U n' I

Everybody falls in love at some point of time in their life and there is nothing to be ashamed about … Read More