Happy Diwali to all of you! 🙂 Let’s try to make this Diwali a little different, a little more special. … Read More


The best part, they say about love is that it happens unknowingly, but the worst part about it, which nobody tells you is, you always know when it starts to fall apart.

  It happened unknowingly… I started to stay awake and glued to a certain voice, I started to listen to … Read More

“Things She never say.”

Sometimes it scares me, the way you love me. Without any conditions, without any boundaries. It scares me because; I … Read More


  #TTS_Lullaby He fell from the sky, and brightened her night. She caught him in her eyes, and absorbed his … Read More


” I don’t know why people don’t like incomplete things. It’s such a lucky feeling when you put an effort … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby “Ek lehar si zeham me, Ek chhuhan si badan me, Palko se chhalak aayi woh kuch yunhi, Ki khwaab … Read More