#TTS_Lullaby “One selfish heart breaks another. And Two broken hearts mend each other.” #seekerohan

Survival: Heal it or Seal it?

Almost every broken heart survives… but the real challenge remains, whether to heal it or to seal it. #seekerohan

My Quotes#14 : The Light in Me

For every night I can’t sleep, For every night a dream I weave. A star is borne out of the … Read More

Feel: It’s the way to heal.

  I have a question for you. Suppose you are very happy, tell me how long can you hold your … Read More

My Quotes# 7- never forget

You know… I will never forget about you, even if I want to. But then again… I will never forget … Read More

My Quotes# 5 – Feel… If you want to heal.

About Rohan Rathore Rohan Rathore is an Delhi-based writer. He is also a blogger on When he is not … Read More