Poem 1 of 7 from Caged: The Price of Pride

CAGED She dreams of free blue skies, but sits and stares at one all alone. As a fear of falling … Read More



My arms are waiting, To hug you. Your lips are waiting, To kiss me. But our eyes meet, and part; … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby “Sometimes I yearn for a place, where it’s always night and the time stands still. Where, the only light … Read More

The Pursuit

*The Pursuit* “How did you find the right person to love?” the confused and heartbroken teenager asked. “Don’t waste your … Read More


It’s been ages, since we last talked or met. And I don’t know, if you ever think about me, or … Read More


Yes, she is burned, and yes, she is beautiful. Look beyond the smoke and the ashes, a smoldering fire, still … Read More