Miss me yet?

And I smile, thinking about, whenever you will hear my name from a stranger’s lips, guilt will fill up your … Read More

You and I

How I wish this wasn't the case.
- Rohan

  You and I   I am always questioning, if my love for you was truly real? I am always … Read More


Am I thinking too much?

You’re long gone, and I’ve obviously moved on. But sometimes, when I think about our past lives, I wonder… If, … Read More


And from bright to blue, the memories change their color as the clouds of darkness slowly consume the shining moon. … Read More


The other day, when we crossed each other, I ignored you on purpose. Because it’s less painful to assume that … Read More


#TTS_Quote “I always thought the worst thing that could happen to anyone was to get their heart broken by somebody … Read More