#TTS_Lullaby Sometimes I feel its sweet, Sometimes I feel it’s bitter. Sometimes I feel, It’s beyond my words, beyond any … Read More


#TTS_FridayFanFiction Strangers became strangers again, as memories flashed on their faces! -Meet Shah


#TTS_FridayFanFiction It would have been so much better, if people leave and take their memories along with them too. -Swati … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby The lightening fades away tonight, while its thunders remain. Drops of memories trickle down, on to the window pane. … Read More


And now that the angels cry, the humans drown. It falls from the sky, and burn me to the ground. … Read More

Untitled Poem

Every night I try to write a poem so old… The words of which, somebody has stolen from me. And … Read More