#TinyTale People loved his artistic tattoo. Unaware of the pain he went through, while hiding her name with it. ~ Seekerohan


I have become such a delusional person since I met you. You first made me believe, that this world needs … Read More


#TTS_FridayFanFiction She shouted almost unconsciously. Her eyes were trying to reach the light as she said that. She could feel … Read More

“Things She never say.”

Sometimes it scares me, the way you love me. Without any conditions, without any boundaries. It scares me because; I … Read More


” I don’t know why people don’t like incomplete things. It’s such a lucky feeling when you put an effort … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby “Ek lehar si zeham me, Ek chhuhan si badan me, Palko se chhalak aayi woh kuch yunhi, Ki khwaab … Read More