The Promise

#TTS_Dedication for Surabhi. ____________________________________________________ This poem is dedicated to my reader(s) with name Surabhi, as there were multiple requests for … Read More


#TTS_Dedication Like a nomad, in the endless universe, her beautiful soul is, an eternal explorer of love. The sole purpose … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby A beautiful flower, once worried too much; of not blooming like others, and not getting picked. Little did she … Read More


#TTS_Dedication Tonight, I’m dreaming, lost in your mystery, searching for a clue. It’s a place, I often visit; when memories … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby Never I’d wished anything, seeing a shooting star. But, oh, when I saw you… – Seekerohan


#TTS_Dedication So I might take some time, to tell you a story. Or, write to you a poem, without rhymes … Read More