#TTS_Lullaby “What happened?” he asked. “Nightmares!” she sobbed. “Hey, don’t worry, now I’ll be there soon!” he said. “Bring your … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby “Why don’t you stop loving me?” concerned, she asked. “Can you try to love me?” anxious, he smiled. “I … Read More

Six Word Stories

1. Masterpiece. Drunk writer struggled , to finish a ~ Seekeorhan   2. Hurt. “Insomniacs sleep, on a wet pillow.” … Read More

The Pursuit

*The Pursuit* “How did you find the right person to love?” the confused and heartbroken teenager asked. “Don’t waste your … Read More


It’s been ages, since we last talked or met. And I don’t know, if you ever think about me, or … Read More


Yes, she is burned, and yes, she is beautiful. Look beyond the smoke and the ashes, a smoldering fire, still … Read More