#TTS_Lullaby As I search for a dream lost within me, I find it broken to many pieces and scattered in … Read More


#TTS_TinyTale The glasses are broken, but the time stands still. The doors are shut, but the house still welcome. People … Read More

The Umbrella

#TTS_SundayShortStory Around the year 2002-03, I was in my adolescent years. It was a crazy time; the boys around me … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby In a moment, when the past and present floats between each other. At a place, where the memories and … Read More


#TTS_Reflection At the bus stop, or while in the train; on her mobile, or in her mail. The powerful stalked … Read More


#TTS_Reflection The problem is, everybody is just minding their own busyness. #seekerohan Pic source: