#TTS_Quote “Silence in me is the place, where I hear the echo of all truths.” #seekerohan


#TTS_Quote ” None can steal your knowledge, but you should give it away to those who need it. ” Teach. … Read More


#TTS_Quote “When the darkness daunts your outer world, a dawn calmly awaits within you.” #seekerohan


#TTS_Lullaby “Our expressions may vary, but our emotions are all the same. We all feel the same thing, but we … Read More

Self Talk: Being whole and Being enough

#TTS_Musing “Self- talk” There is a voice which keep talking inside us. It’s our own voice and it tells us … Read More

Redemption: Let You be a Hero.

Imagine if your car only shifts up to the second gear, If your TV only shows the pictures but no … Read More