"Some questions should never be answered."

  SMILE There comes a time when we try to hide our feelings from the same person who is responsible … Read More

Smile- A Haiku

  Smile. “Only when she’s lost in dreams; her mind finds the reality, and her eyes agree with her smile.” … Read More


#TTS_Humor When she woke up and looked at me, I smiled. The whiskers drawn on the face by permanent marker, … Read More


#TTS_Lullaby My best day is when, I see a smile in her eyes. And my worst day is when I … Read More


#TTS_Hindi “In mukhonto ko dekho, In muskura-haton me dhoondho… Shaayad inme, Kahin koi chehra… Khoya mera bhi mile.” “Talaash” #seekerohan


#TTS_Lullaby “She had a sparkling smile put on her lips, but her hazel eyes carried a bleak shadow of suffering. … Read More